3 Month Group Coaching Program


Do you want to supercharge your small business, achieve bigger visibility and get more customers? Start 2020 in a strong and focused way and accelerate your business growth in 3 months by working with me to digitally transform your business.

If your business has become stagnant despite your marketing efforts, and you are struggling to attract or retain customers or sell your products or services, this 3-month group coaching program will take you from stagnant to supercharged.

If you are an aspiring business owner and have a well thought out idea and ready to launch, this program will accelerate your start-up phase and get you from idea to implementation.

Then let’s work together to put in place a complete and robust digital marketing framework for your business and empower you with all the digital skills and techniques you need to grow your business online.

If you are wanting to supercharge your small business in 2020, achieve bigger visibility and get more customers, and ready to learn and implement practical and innovative business-building techniques – read on to find out more about what this program involves.

What does the program entail?

This 90-day program will put in place a proven digital marketing framework to achieve high visibility for start-ups, freelancers and small businesses.

Together as a group, you will learn and implement practical and innovative business-building strategies and techniques. You will be working alongside like-minded women, connect and enjoy the journey together.

Throughout the program, I will support and guide you, and teach you robust business skills to scale your business and be highly visible. This course will increase your confidence and ability to successfully market your business.

It’s an exciting journey where you will be supported, meet like-minded ladies, learn and implement key business building skills.

This is what we will work on:

  • Session 1: Audience and pricing
    You will understand who your ideal client is, where you can find them and how to market to them. We will review your products and services so it reflects your time and is priced right for your audience.
  • Session 2: Branding
    We will perfect your branding, colours and logo to ensure your brand will resonate with your ideal client and reflect your business offering. We will look at your personal brand and how you can utilise this within your marketing. Your branding will be consistent across all your channels.
  • Session 3: Website
    Your website will have the right content to showcase your business and be discovered online. Your website content will be easy to understand and resonate by your ideal client, we will then put into place simple but powerful SEO practices that will amplify your visibility on Google.
  • Session 4: Email Marketing 
    An often overlooked but powerful form of communication with customers. You will understand GDPR (data protection) so you can collect email data with confidence. You will learn how to use email newsletters to retain, upsell and convert customers and how to grow your list.
  • Session 5: Social Media
    You will understand how to use social media to increase your visibility and grow your audience and convert to scale. You will learn how to create compelling content, engage with your audience, use video and live broadcasts with the aim is to start moving people from just ‘liking’ you to buying from you.
  • Session 6: Advertising
    You will be empowered to build your own pay-per-click advert on social media, understand what the metrics mean, how to write compelling ad copy, and how to work on a robust advertising strategy to amplify and accelerate your business to the next level.
  • Plus each participant will have an hour-long personal 1:1 Coaching session with me

These elements cover a complete 360 digital marketing framework, you need all these marketing elements in place to full to optimise your visibility and scale, they will not work in isolation.

Program Details

  • The program runs for 3 months
  • Consists of 6 live online teaching sessions
  • Weekly accountability call via Zoom
  • The program runs from 4th March – 9th June 2020
  • Maximum 8 in the group
  • Resources and action steps
  • Challenges to keep your business growing
  • Access to a private Facebook group with support throughout the program
  • Each participant gets a 1:1 coaching session with me

Why work with me?

My name is Lynda Phoenix, I am a dynamic, inspiring and acclaimed coach and consultant who has been at the heart of the digital revolution in mobile and content for over twenty years.

I’ve worked in senior leadership positions for Samsung, VEON and Defected Records. I have consulted for a variety of successful global start-ups and digitally transformed numerous small, medium and large businesses. Please read my full work history on LinkedIn

I started one of the earliest music download stores in the UK, digitally transformed renowned dance label Defected, drove millions of app downloads for mobile content and devices at Samsung – and have helped numerous businesses digitally market and transform their business. I offer a wealth of experience in connectivity in our digital world.

I’m dedicated to helping female business owners become empowered with tech and help small businesses and startups scale using digital innovation. My training sessions are fun, informal, jargon-free, practical and inspiring! You will walk away empowered with new techniques to help you scale your business.

Are you ready to take action to transform your business? Join me on this 3-month journey


Starts 4th March 2020
Venue: Dial-in via Zoom

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