To flourish in business you need to feel competent

Meet Lynda

I work with business owners through consultancy and coaching to help them amplify their marketing and optimise results to achieve business growth.

I’m a dynamic award-winning marketer who has been at the heart of the digital revolution in mobile and content for over twenty years. I’ve worked in senior leadership positions for Samsung, VEON and Defected Records. I have consulted for a variety of successful global start-ups and digitally transformed numerous small, medium and large businesses.

I have been at the forefront of marketing innovation starting one of the earliest music download stores in the UK, digitally transforming renowned dance label Defected, driving millions of downloads for mobile apps on Samsung devices – and helping numerous businesses market and transform their business. I offer a wealth of experience in connectivity in our digital world. Please read my full work history on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/lyndaphoenix/

To flourish in business you need to feel competent to make informed decisions on how to position and scale your business. Up to 30% of small businesses close in their second year due to lack of funding and unsuccessful marketing initiatives – I am dedicated to helping support businesses owners with strategy and knowledge to help their business flourish and grow

I’m a mother of a feisty but adorable 4-year-old daughter. I’ve navigated my career around redundancies, travelled the world, freelanced with a newborn, survived city commuting & nursery drops. My combined work and life experiences really enable me to understand the challenges women face with juggling work, motherhood and life.

I’m also DJ too and have built up a global following of over 50k fans. It’s a major passion of mine, let talk more about having a ‘portfolio business’ next time we meet!

x Lynda

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